The commodity meat production system has done a great job making meat cheap and consistent. This has benefited many people, however, we have personal reservations regarding this production system’s impact on our environment and the welfare of the animals. It is also true that the industrial meat production system has made it easy for cooks who are less talented to perform in the kitchen reasonably well. Boneless skinless chicken breasts and marinated beef cuts would never have been produced without the industrialization of the meat business.

Today there is a movement among a growing number of especially talented chefs who want to demonstrate their skills by returning to a more basic manner of food preparation. They want to begin with meats that are raised humanely and sustainably, in a nonindustrial program.

These are men and women who celebrate the sacrifice of the animal by using all of its parts, not just the breast and the filet. They understand that terra noir is more elegant than uniformity and consistent mediocrity.

It is for these chefs that we produce our grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as our pastured poultry.

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