Pastured Chicken Eggs

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  • 4 Dozen
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Our Pastured Hens roam our farm completely unconfined all day and all night. They are able to forage for bugs and grubs in the soil, and express their natural instincts.

Our Egg package includes 4 dozen SMALL White Oak Pastures Pasture Laid Eggs, and the special box, in which they must be shipped.

These eggs come in from the fields unwashed and unrefrigerated, so they are able to be shipped through the mail. We hope you enjoy our delicious Pasture Laid Eggs!

Regardless of what farm you purchase from, there is no such thing as free shipping. Shipping perishable product through the mail is expensive, regardless of how you spin it. We have a large following of customers who pick up orders from our local markets and On-Farm store. It doesn't seems fair to penalize these customers with inflated prices, just so we can get product to more distant customers cheaply.

White Oak Pastures is currently offering equalized shipping to those in a 3Day ground from our farm. At this point, this is how we handle the cost of all Ground Shipments:

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If you live outside of a 3Day ground transit, the rates are generated by calculating the weight of the package and the distance to the address provided. Our customers have found that larger orders placed on a less frequent basis seem to be most efficient.