100% Iberico Pork Cracklins'

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In January of 2015, White Oak Pastures partnered with the Oriol Family in Spain to be among the first farmers to welcome Iberian Hogs to the United States. These Iberian Hogs will be nothing like what you have tasted in the past. Instead of acorns, our pigs are raised on a diet of peanuts and pecans, putting a south Georgia twist on the long kept Spanish tradition. These hogs have roamed White Oak Pastures, and it's now time to introduce them to market.

In the process of rendering our pork lard, the crispy trimmings, which rose to the top were collected. These are deliciously known to southerns as "cracklins'" which you'll love in cornbread on top of....everything.

Packaged in 1 lb portions.

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