We believe that the local food movement is not about 10 miles or 100 miles. We believe that the local movement is about the decentralization, deindustrialization, and decommoditization of the American food industry. We believe that it is grown by a group of passionate people who are bound by family core values, rather than by faceless corporations that are bound by quarterly earnings reports.

We believe the concept of “local” is, in fact, case specific.  For instance, “local” eggs and tomatoes probably should be sourced from your county. There is not a county in all 50 states that can’t produce eggs or tomatoes during certain months of the year. For consumers in the Deep South, “local citrus” should mean Florida citrus and not Mexican citrus. 

Most of the farmland in United States cannot cost effectively produce high quality grassfed beef and pastured poultry on a year round basis. Because of our favorable climate, we are able to do this in the Gulf Coast Plain. We feel that our grassfed beef, lamb, and goat and pastured poultry, rabbit, hogs, eggs and Organic vegetables are local to the Southern region of the U.S. all year. During certain seasons, it is local for the entire east coast.