We believe that our products speak for themselves, but here's what others have to say about White Oak Pastures!


"I received the order 927 today. The oxtails and kidneys looked great. Fat was trimmed and I don’t get that here. You will get my business in the future. You put all other stores to shame for butchering and quality. As a retired Army Vet, I thank you."


"I just placed my second order and again ordered chicken and boneless ribeye steaks. The chicken is the best I’ve tasted. The boneless ribeye was tender and wonderful. I usually get the ground beef at Publix Supermarket which is the best tasting grassfed ground beef that I’ve found anywhere. I was browsing the website (under products, go to processing). There was information there concerning Dr. Temple Grandin that really impressed me. I saw the movie “Temple Grandin” about a year ago. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must see!!"


"I just wanted to comment on how satisfied I am with your company. A short time ago I placed an order in which I ordered several types of steaks, in which filet of tenderloin was one of my selections. I ordered 6 steaks, but only received 5. Well after calling, I was told that a steak would be sent out on Monday. When my order arrived in a large container, I was wondering and said to myself, for one steak. When I opened the box there were many more than what I expected! To me this shows a company with a whole lot of class. I am a customer for life and will tell anyone I know about the great products and reliability of White Oak Pastures! You don't often today see a company with this much class. Thanks again!"


"Finally got to a Whole Foods today, where we bought one of the last remaining White Oak Pastures chickens.  We had it for dinner tonight and were truly blown away--never knew chicken could be so tender, moist, and flavorful!  We felt like we were eating some sort of delicacy for the first time. Thank you for showing the consumer that what's best for animals is best for us, and keep up the good work!"


"Beautiful site!!! And wonderful selection. So happy that I can now buy direct from you guys through your website."


"I purchased one of your turkeys in time for Thanksgiving. I want to say this after watching your videos, I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years. Not because I don’t like meat (I adore the taste) but I find the process of killing animals today horrendous and refuse to be part of this farming system. It has honestly hindered me from enjoying a good meal, but in my mind, I feel like I am refusing this system of industrial production that most of the population accepts as standard today. I guess this could be a customer case study to what you guys do: in 3 weeks, I am about to have the first piece of meat in a very, very long time. I have been dying for the day I could finally taste it again. The way you treat your animals, raise them, kill them.. makes me realize that there may be a way to find a middle ground between my beliefs and sustainable farming that has become nearly extinct to this day. Thank you!"


"My daughter brought me the plastic wrap from your hamburger purchased at Publix. I then looked up your website and saw the video. Tonight I roasted one of your chickens purchased at Whole Foods and noticed that for a 31/2 lb chicken it had very large wings. My mind went to the video showing the chickens moving about outside and I realized that factory farmed chickens must have tiny wings as they don’t get a chance to move them much. I will write again after I serve the chicken tomorrow to tell you how it tasted!"


"I buy the ground beef from Publix. I started buying it after learning about the difference between grassfed beef and grain fed beef. My daughter is allergic to beef and it was off her diet for about a year. She can eat grassfed beef with no ill effects. So I buy about three pounds a week. When I’m in Publix so many people ask me about the grassfed beef. Does it taste different? Delicious I tell them. I’m not just full, I’m satisfied, I tell them. I tell them how it cooks different. Thank you for your stewardship of our land. I pray for your continued success."


"I love the health benefits of grass fed beef and LOVE the flavor of yours in particular."


"I would like to say how much I enjoy your website and the information it has provided for me. The more I have read and researched this topic the more questions I have concerning it. I have been reading and looking at various websites and feel the information you provide is the most complete and well thought out."


"I didn’t think there were farmers or ranchers who cared about the earth and the animals who share it with us. You give me hope that the cruelties of animal food "production" can be a thing of the past.  Thank you for caring beyond yourselves. Thank you for caring about animals who have no say in our world. Thank you for helping think better of the human race."


"I spent the next 3 hours thoroughly reviewing your site, researched the Global Animal Partnership site and finally, after reading that Mr. Harris starts his day in the pasture with coffee and finishes his day in the pasture with a 750 ml glass of wine, I knew I had found our farm."


Customer: "I saw mentioned in your FAQ about aging steak in the fridge to make it more tender. How would you do that? I really want to eat your product but find it so much tougher than the conventional stuff. If I could figure out how to get that same tenderness it would take away any reason to look elsewhere for product."

Our Suggestion: "Thank you for your persistence. I put the steak in a Ziplock bag, and evacuate as much of the air from it as possible. I then put it in the refrigerator. It can be kept this way for three weeks. It will get more and more tender. There may be a color change, but the meat will be safe to eat. I also suggest that you eat it a little more rare than you typically do. Further, try slicing the beef into very thin strips before serving. "  

Customer: "Wow! We aged the steak as you suggested and it has made all the difference in the world. I just want you to know how much we appreciate your product and what you are doing over there on your farm. In my younger years I was so disgusted with the way animals were being factory farmed that I refused to eat them. I have since learned what a devastating impact being a vegetarian has had on my health and that of my son's and that denying my family animal meat meant denying them a high quality, nutrient dense, good food. I am so glad that there are people out there like you that are making a difference in our food supply and giving us consumers an option. We have just purchased a large freezer and plan on driving over to the farm to stock up. We live near Gainesville Florida which is about 4 hours away.  I was hoping to coordinate a trip when someone would be available to give us a tour of the farm as we would love to know more about the farm where our beef comes from and meet the people making it happen. Thank you and God bless your family, your farm and the good work you are doing there!"


"Thank you for your email! I received my order today and, oh boy, did I order more than my freezer can hold. Thankfully, I feed raw to my dogs so I am able to use their freezer for the overflow. I am not on social media so can't say much for how you are, or are not, advertising in those areas. I found your farm mentioned on a forum as I was researching where to find grass fed beef bones and pastured chicken. The place I've ordered from seems to be out of stock a lot, but their name comes up consistently in articles and blogs for "bone broth". I really like the description of how you operate, animal welfare, and just the basic fact that I can get bones and organs from healthy, humanely treated animals, which I can't get at the local grocery store. I think marketing to paleo eaters, bone broth and organ consumers is a good idea. If you are not familiar with The Weston Price Foundation maybe check it out. And you offer a lot of items that raw feeders (of dogs) might be interested in. I've heard there are raw feeding groups on Facebook, which you may already be aware of. I'm sure there are paleo eating groups, etc. on there too. Now I will probably regret telling you all this when you become wildly successful and all your bones are out of stock."


"I found White Oak online, searching for grass fed meats. I really would like to take meat out of my diet completely, but I really do not see that happening especially since there is a man in the house, my husband, Steve. One of my goals is to get "grains" out of our diets and White Oak Pastures is helping me with that. I appreciate your asking for suggestions, etc., although I do not have anything off the top of my head. However, I am one to "put it out there" should I think of anything or come across anything. At this point, I am thoroughly pleased with White Oak Pastures. I just don't see how you could improve the company and/or the marketing process. I'm not real computer savvy, but Steve and I do work that grapevine to your advantage! That particular marketing tool works here in the southern communities."


"Thanks for asking! Honestly, I loved your online store. There are, as you know, plenty of farms in Vermont, but I am a really busy teacher/Mom, and I spent a while asking and calling around to find out where I could get good bones for making broth, and no one had a good answer for me! So I started googling "pasture raised chicken feet" and White Oak Pastures popped up. Your online store was comprehensive, and nothing (amazingly) said "out of stock". I'm not sure why it was hard for me to find a local supplier--but it made me think there is a niche here that hasn't been filled yet! Anyway, I was very happy to discover your website. The only suggestion I have is that your farm did not appear when I googled "pastured meat products"--and I'm not sure why. If it had, I would have found it faster!"


"We picked your farm because of it's sustainable practices. We consume grass fed products that adhere to Weston A Price standards."


"Hi! I found out about your from a mom’s group meeting at Jenn Hankey’s house. My baby #3 has severe eczema, and traditional creams and medicines are not working. We are exploring trying to heal him (and our whole family) from the inside out. Planning to do something called the GAP Diet which involves lots of bone broths, meats, and organic eggs. Jenn highly recommended your farm particularly for the meats. Also there was a woman there training on how to make bone broth (I think her name was Heather) and she said she really liked what you were doing at White Oaks. I’m really excited about our upcoming lifestyle change. And praying that it helps my baby with this severe rash condition. I’d love to bring the boys to the farm someday, maybe in the summer when they don’t have preschool."