Starting in 2009, White Oak Pastures decided to close the circle by planting a small-scale organic farm on the property.

Today, Ryan Carnley, our Organic Farm Manager and Mary Bruce, Assistant Farm Manager, tend to the farm full-time. In 2011, we cultivated 5+ acres in addition to a half-acre heirloom fruit and nut orchard. Of the 5+ acres, 80 percent will include more than 40 different kinds of vegetables, all planted and harvested by hand. We manage a 200 share CSA, with drops in three states, Georgia, Florida and Alabama, along with a wholesale boxed vegetable program with chefs and grocers.

All of the fertilizer is compost which was produced on the farm. White Oak Pastures does not use pesticides, GMO’s, or synthetic fertilizers. Tractors are run from Biodeisel that is made from cooking grease and tallow from our On-Farm Dining Pavilion.

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